Retro Titles- Mega Man X5: (2000)


The Mega Man X series is definitely one of the best when it comes down to run and gun platform games.   When Mega Man X5 was released back in the year 2000 many people thought the game was just as good as its predecessor Mega Man X4.  Similar to Mega Man X4 the main antagonist for this game is Sigma who returns again after being defeated multiple times in the previous games.  However, in Mega Man X5 there are some differences from X4 including the fact that Sigma hires a reploid named Dynamo to do his bidding.  Also, in Mega Man X5 Sigma’s focus was to create chaos in the world by spreading a virus.  Meanwhile, Sigma’s reploid henchman Dynamo was preparing to set a space colony known as “Eurasia” to crash into the Earth giving the heroes less than a day to stop it.  There were two things about the plot for Mega Man X5 that was pretty cool one of them being the “Eurasia” reference which was the idea that all the continents in the world were once connected.  Also, the concept  of preventing a space colony crashing into Earth was an idea that was later used by Sega for the plot of Sonic Adventure 2 which was released in 2001.

One of the things about Mega Man X5 that was also pretty cool included that the focus for the story in this game was slightly more on Zero than Mega Man.  Similar to the previous installment players have the option of playing as either Mega Man or Zero.   While Mega Man can use energy blasts Zero can utilize melee attacks with his sword.   The graphics in Mega Man X5 were impressive and made people feel like they were playing a high quality SNES title on the PS1.   Along with having nice graphics and enjoyable gameplay Mega Man X5 has that unpredictability factor when it comes down to completing the game. In Mega Man X5 there are multiple endings to the game involving Zero’s fate which many people enjoyed since it made them eager to complete it more than once.  While some people may argue that having Sigma as a recurring antagonist in the game was a bit tiresome others loved it because he was very popular.  Overall, some might agree that Mega Man X5 was better than X4 and was a Capcom game that they would be mostly likely to keep for a while before selling it.

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