Should Mega Man 7 have been released for the PS1 during the 90’s?

Mega Man 7 (3)

Looking back at Mega Man 7 it was actually a pretty decent game.   The Mega Man series in general was great during the late 80’s early 90’s.  However, during the mid 90’s it seemed like the Mega Man X series was more popular than the regular Mega Man games which started off on the NES.  Around the mid 90’s when the Sony PlayStation started to become very popular Capcom could have easily have ported Mega Man 7 for the PS1.  After all, they did eventually release Mega Man X4 for the Sony PlayStation shortly after the release of Mega Man 7 during the summer of 1997.

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If Mega Man 7 was released for  the PS1 back in 1995 it could have possibly have sold more than it did on the SNES especially considered how popular the game console was during that time period.  The fact that Mega Man 7 game was not re-released for the PS1 back in the 90’s was somewhat surprising to many people.  But despite the criticism that Mega Man 7 receive its one of those games that is very hard to find in used game stores today which says a lot about the game itself.

Would the Mega Man X series have worked on the Sega Dreamcast in the 90’s?

When it came down to the Mega Man series many people remember the classics that were featured on game consoles such as the NES, SNES and the PS1.  As strange as it may sound there weren’t any Mega Man titles for the Sega Dreamcast at all.  In fact, the Mega Man series could have possibly been more popular on the Sega Dreamcast than it was on the PS1 following the release of Mega Man X3 for the SNES in 1995.  

Some might argue that the Mega Man X series began to decline in popularity when X4 was released for the PS1.  While Mega Man X4 was released in 1997 we also saw the emergence of games such as Final Fantasy VII, Tekken 3, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and many other titles. 

 Many of these PS1 may have overshadowed the Mega Man X series on the PS1 during the late 90’s.  It also possible that the Mega Man X series was like big fish in a small pond when it came down to video games for the SNES.  However, when it came down to the Sega Dreamcast Mega Man X could done great since games Sonic Adventure I & II, Skies of Arcadia, Crazy Taxi and Shenmue would be among the many games that it would have to compete with.  Even though, Mega Man X could have done much better on the Sega Dreamcast in comparison to the PS1 in terms of sales the series overall was starting to decline in popularity during the late 90’s and it may have ultimately suffered the same fate as it did.

Should there be a new Mega Man game for the Nintendo Switch?

The idea of Nintendo making a new MegaMan game for the Nintendo Switch has been discussed over and over for a while now.  In fact many fans of the series had hoped that there would be a new MegaMan game for the Nintendo Wii-U as well.  However, the truth is that it’s less than likely to happen.  The closest thing that we got to a 2D side scrolling MegaMan game with 3D graphics was Mighty No. 9 which was available on multiple game. Insoles including the PS4, Xbox One, Wii-U and the Nintendo 3DS.

Shortly, after its release back in 2016, Mighty No. 9 had received a poor reception mainly from critics due to technical issues.  Then again, Mighty No. 9 was developed by mainly by two other gaming companies instead of Capcom.   The closest thing that we might get from Capcom in terms of a new MegaMan game for the Nintendo Switch would be hardware releases of older NES, SNES and PSX titles.  While reviving the MegaNan series sounds great in theory it might be a poor idea in practice.  However, even though the 2D side scrolling shooter  genre is not as popular now as it was in the 80’s and 90’s the nostalgia of reviving the series would probably turn the heads of many people who grew up in the 8 & 16 bit era.

When did Mega Man start to go downhill?

Megaman X

Mega Man was one of the best run and gun platform titles of the 80’s and the 90’s.  After the Mega Man series started on the Nintendo Entertainment System it continued to grow in popularity with the X series which started in 1993.  While the most of the Mega Man X games up until the fifth one were considered be great games by many fans of the series looked like it was starting to decline sometime between the late 90’s and early 00’s. During the mid to late 90’s the gaming world was beginning to evolve as many companys began to place emphasis on 3D graphics and visuals for purposes of entertainment.  While there have been many other popular Nintendo games such as Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, Metroid and Donkey Kong which made successful transitions into 3D gaming some would argue that the Mega Man series did not fare so well.


During the late 90’s Capcom had released a game known as Mega Man Legends for the Sony PlayStation.   Since its release Mega Man Legends has often been criticized by many fans of the series for feeling too different from the 2D side-scrolling run and gun gameplay that they were all familiar with.  The idea of having Mega Man in a open world 3D environment might have been something that sounded great in theory but did not play out as well in practice as many people may have hoped.  Games such as Super Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog were somehow able to successfully include gameplay elements that made their 2D titles enjoyable into 3D open world gaming format.   The original  Mega Man Legends game felt slow paced in comparison to its side scrolling 2D predecessors which ended up reducing the quality of the game overall for many people who were fans of the series.

Mega Man 7However, the switch that Capcom made from developing 2D to 3D Mega Man games could also be attributed to the fact many people wanted to see something different in the series following the SNES release of the seventh main installment of the series.  When Mega Man 7 was released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1995 it looked highly detailed with colorful sprites and fantastic gameplay.   But for some reason many people took this game for granted because they believed it was too similar to all of the other Mega Man titles that preceded it.  In terms of when the series started to decline in popularity some would argue that it started after 1995 when Mega Man X3 and Mega Man 7 was released.  Others would say that it started around the year 2000 since Mega Man X5 was one of the last good titles that Capcom had produced for home consoles worldwide.

Would Mighty No. 9 have been more successful during the early 90’s?

Mighty No 9

We all remember the golden days to 2D run and gun platforming titles during the mid to late 80’s and the early 90’s.  Mainly when it comes down to run and gun games from the early 90’s one of the many titles that instantly comes to mind is the Mega Man series.  When Capcom had developed Mega Man series during the mid 80’s they did an excellent job in making the game enjoyable to play.   When gaming industry began to advance from 8 to 16 bit gaming during the early 90’s many people were thoroughly impressed by the Mega Man X series.  The first three games of the Mega Man X series was amazing and just about everything from the visual to the plot all the way down to the actual gameplay provided an unforgettable experience.

While Mighty No. 9 tried hard to replicate the gaming mechanics that made the Mega Man series popular it was mostly panned by critics for its attempt.  Some would argue that if Mighty No. 9 was developed and released in the early 90’s for a game console like the Sega Genesis or the Super Nintendo Entertainment System it could have been more popular.  Even though, the Unreal Engine 3 contributes to the fantastic visual quality seen in Mighty No. 9 the game itself seemed somewhat sluggish in comparison to the Mega Man X games from the early 90’s.  While the use of cutscenes and voice overs were nice along with having a pretty decent soundtrack Mighty No.9 probably would have been better of being a 16 or 32 game where 2D run and gun platform titles were popular.

Capcom Games- Mega Man The Wily Wars: (1994)


Mega Man has always been one of Capcom coolest run & gun platform games since the 80’s when  the series first began on the NES.  If one was a fan of the Mega Man series when it first came out for the Nintendo Entertainment System during the 80’s then there is a decent chance that they played the first three Mega Man games for that console.  Even though, many people believe that the first three Mega Man games are tough they would have to admit that they were all pretty exciting to play for the NES back in the day.  One things that many probably did not expect from Capcom during the early to mid 90’s was a remake of the first three NES games for the Sega Genesis.  When Mega Man: The Wily Wars was first released in late 1994 many kids in America were unaware of this game since a hardware version of it was released exclusively in Japan.  Unless one had the game imported from Japan the only way that Americans could play Mega Man: The Wily Wars was if they an online video game service known as the Sega Channel.

However, many people especially kids were not familiar at all about the Sega Channel or Mega Man: The Wily Wars during the mid 90’s.  If Mega Man: The Wily Wars included hardware releases in countries like North America some would argue that the game itself probably would have sold more.  But since Sega Saturn was released in Japan in late 1994 and everywhere else around the world months later Capcom  had probably realized that there was no point on releasing hardware copies of this game in America.  Many hardcore fans of the Mega Man series may feel that was a shame that Mega Man: The Wily Wars did not get as much recognition that it deserved during the mid 90’s.  The concept of having a Sega Genesis version of Mega Man I-III was interesting especially since the three games were similar to the NES versions but with somewhat of a plot twist.  The time travel aspect of Mega Man: The Wily Wars seemed very intriguing and made for a decent storyline in regards to preventing Dr. Wily from changing the events from the past involving the first three NES games.  It might be somewhat shocking that Capcom has never re-released this classic on any other game console since the 90’s but if they did it would definitely be something that many people would check out since its considered to be a rare 16 bit gem.

Retro Titles- Mega Man X5: (2000)


The Mega Man X series is definitely one of the best when it comes down to run and gun platform games.   When Mega Man X5 was released back in the year 2000 many people thought the game was just as good as its predecessor Mega Man X4.  Similar to Mega Man X4 the main antagonist for this game is Sigma who returns again after being defeated multiple times in the previous games.  However, in Mega Man X5 there are some differences from X4 including the fact that Sigma hires a reploid named Dynamo to do his bidding.  Also, in Mega Man X5 Sigma’s focus was to create chaos in the world by spreading a virus.  Meanwhile, Sigma’s reploid henchman Dynamo was preparing to set a space colony known as “Eurasia” to crash into the Earth giving the heroes less than a day to stop it.  There were two things about the plot for Mega Man X5 that was pretty cool one of them being the “Eurasia” reference which was the idea that all the continents in the world were once connected.  Also, the concept  of preventing a space colony crashing into Earth was an idea that was later used by Sega for the plot of Sonic Adventure 2 which was released in 2001.

One of the things about Mega Man X5 that was also pretty cool included that the focus for the story in this game was slightly more on Zero than Mega Man.  Similar to the previous installment players have the option of playing as either Mega Man or Zero.   While Mega Man can use energy blasts Zero can utilize melee attacks with his sword.   The graphics in Mega Man X5 were impressive and made people feel like they were playing a high quality SNES title on the PS1.   Along with having nice graphics and enjoyable gameplay Mega Man X5 has that unpredictability factor when it comes down to completing the game. In Mega Man X5 there are multiple endings to the game involving Zero’s fate which many people enjoyed since it made them eager to complete it more than once.  While some people may argue that having Sigma as a recurring antagonist in the game was a bit tiresome others loved it because he was very popular.  Overall, some might agree that Mega Man X5 was better than X4 and was a Capcom game that they would be mostly likely to keep for a while before selling it.

Classic Games- Mega Man X4: (1997)


Back in the day the Mega Man X series rarely failed to impress numerous people who were huge fans of the series.  When the Mega Man X series first started in the early 90’s a lot of people were impressed by the gameplay, graphics and storytelling that was featured in the first three games that were released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.  While the first three games in the Mega Man X series were very exciting they were also just as challenging as well.  The late 90’s was an interesting time period for the Mega Man series especially 1997 & 1998 due to the release of both Mega Man X4 and Mega Man Legends for the PS1.  On one hand Capcom had finally decided to make a 3D Mega Man game which many people had been waiting since the 80’s to see and on the other the Mega Man X series felt just as popular as ever around the late 90’s.  When Mega Man X4 was released for the Sony PlayStation many people were impressed by the high quality visual display it presented along with advanced 2D gameplay in comparison to the preceding games in the series.

Along with the graphics one the many things that made Mega Man X4 a must have title for the PS1 was the fact that it was the second game that featured Zero as a playable character.  While having Zero in a Mega Man game felt similar to playing as Knuckles the Echidna in a classic Sonic title being able to choose another cool character besides the main protagonist made things more interesting.  The plot for Mega Man X4 was also interesting seeing that the setting took place in the 22nd century and focused on the misunderstandings between the Mavericks and the Repliforce caused mainly by Sigma after being defeated on three different occasions.  While the animation cutscenes for Mega Man X4 was a great feature that added to the overall quality to the game itself many would say that it contributed to making the story that much better than its predecessors for the SNES.  While the story for Mega Man X4 some could argue that it was kinda dark considering the fact that Sky Lagoon fell on another city and literally killed thousands of people in the process.  Even though, the reemergence of Sigma was a predicable element in the storyline for Mega Man X4 it was still a very good game overall.  While Mega Man X4 is not considered to be most popular game within its series it still managed sell over million units worldwide since its release for multiple consoles including the Sega Saturn and the PS1.

Should there be a Megaman x9 for the Nintendo NX?


As many of us know the Mega Man X series had originated in the early 90’s and since it began a majority of gamers have been highly impressed by various aspects of almost each game including the storylines, gameplay, and graphics.  Ever since Mega Man X8 was released for the PlayStation 2 back in the early 00’s many people have been waiting for over a decade for a possible sequel for that particular game.  Unfortunately, Capcom currently has no plans on releasing a sequel to Megaman X9 despite how badly many people want to see it.  As of right now the idea is that Capcom is not too high on Mega Man right now and has refrained from making any more major titles within the series.  As of right now one of the closest things that we got  in terms of a new Mega Man game is Mighty Number 9. which was developed by Comcept & Inti Creates.

Despite, not getting a new Mega Man X game many people will still have the opportunity to play the first six Mega Man games on smartphones very soon.  While the original Mega Man games are always fun for retro gamers who grew up during the late 80’s and early 90’s  the X’s series definitely stood out in terms of having some of the coolest platform titles back in the day.  As of right now we all know that the Nintendo NX is suppose to be making its debut sometime during early 2017.  If Capcom were to develop a Mega Man X9  for the Nintendo NX there is a significant chance that it would perform very well in sales considering the fact that its a game that many people would have waited over a decade to see. Also,  Megaman X9 could also have the possibility to be a main attraction game for the Nintendo NX besides titles like the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Dragon Quest XI and Project Sonic 2017.  Even though, there may potentially be no sequel to Mega Man X8 for the Nintendo NX the idea of having Mega Man X9 sounds like something that many fans of the series would be very interested in if were to happen.

Classic Gaming- Mega Man X3: (1995)


The Mega Man series was one of the coolest things things that Capcom had published during the 80’s and early 90’s.  When the original Mega Man series had made its debut during the 80’s many people were impressed by the fast paced run and gun gameplay that was provided for the Nintendo Entertainment System.  After the first three games were made for the NES we all knew that it was a matter of time before Mega Man titles were going to be published for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.   The first two Mega Man X games were not only very fun to play but they provided incredible challenges for many people who had owned the game. When Mega Man X3 was released in the mid-90’s it felt like a very solid 16-bit title that people would spend hours trying to complete.  However, around the mid-90’s people around the world started to become more interested in three dimensional games that were being made for home based consoles such as the Sony PlayStation along with Nintendo 64.

Even though, 3D gaming started to become very popular during the mid-90’s there were still some people who held on to their SNES in order to enjoy some of the memorable gems released for that game console. If you had still owned a SNES during the later part of the 1990’s Mega Man X3 was one of those games that was worth having.  The stage design for each level of this game was fantastic thanks to the cx4 chip which contributed to the quality enhancement aspect of this title.  Along with great level design Mega Man X3 had a decent plot with Sigma returning as the main villain in the form of a virus.  Another thing that was cool about this game included the option to play as Mega Man or Zero.  Zero is a character that people wanted to play as since Mega Man X2 which made everyone want to check out the third installment in the X series.  After its release Mega Man X3 received ports for PlayStation, Sega Saturn and even Windows PC.  However, if you were a true Mega Man fan you would most likely prefer the SNES version of the game.  Around this time period some people were probably the impression that the Mega Man series was starting to become old which was especially the case after Mega Man 7 was released.  In fact having Zero as a playable character might have been one of the main reasons why anyone had wanted to play X3 after it was released.  The Mega Man X series was one of the most popular set of side scrolling games of the 16-bit era.  The third installment of the Mega Man X trilogy was probably not as popular as original but the game itself is considered a classic that fans of the series would truly relish even to this day.