Retro Games- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie: (1995)


We all remember how popular the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series was back in the early to mid 90’s and excited many people were for the first movie.  This series was popular with so many kids during the 90’s especially when Might Morphin Power Rangers The Movie was released theaters in 1995.  While most people thought the first Power Rangers movie was pretty cool they also thought that games released for the Super Nintendo and the Sega Genesis was very fun as well.  The cool thing about the video game for Power Rangers the Movie was how different the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis versions were from each other.  The Super Nintendo version of Power Rangers the Movie had arguably contained better graphics and had pretty cool gameplay.  In the SNES version players had to start each stage off with one of the rangers in their civilian forms.  While progressing throughout the game and collecting lighting bolt items from defeated enemies they had the ability to morph into a Power Ranger once their meter at the bottom of the screen was full.

Even though, morphing sequence in the SNES version was fun to watch some people would probably argue that filling up the morphing meter takes a long time.  In the Sega Genesis version players can start each stage off as a Power Ranger along with being able to play throughout the entire game as one.  One of the key things that the Sega Genesis version of this game had included unlike the SNES game was the ability to play as the Megazords in certain stages.  While the SNES might have had better graphics along with fantastic music the absence of gameplay with the Megazords made the Genesis version more desirable especially if one was a hardcore fan of the MMPR series.  Even though there were several differences between both the SNES and the Sega Genesis version of this game one of the elements that remained constant was the that Ivan Ooze was the main villain.   The SNES version of the game consisted of seven stages while the Genesis port only had six.  Despite, having less stages than the SNES version the Sega port allowed players to control older characters such as Jason, Trini and Zack in stages that were based on earlier episodes of season 2 in the Power Rangers series.  Players also had the opportunity to control the Thunder Megazord or the White Tigerzord which was exciting for most people who were fans of the series.  Along with controlling those two zords from the television series players could also utilize the Ninja Megazord along with Falconzord in certain battles.  Overall, while many people are polarized by which version of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers the Movie was the best they can all mutually agree that the series was definitely its peak in terms of popular during the mid 90’s.

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