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Classic Gaming- Tekken 6: (2007)


When Tekken 6 was released for home consoles such as Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 worldwide in 2009 many people were excited about the game itself considering the fact that the prequel was released in 2004.  Many people would agree that Tekken 6 exceeded the expectations of many people because featured a fantastic scenario campaign mode that included 3D beat em up gameplay.  The inclusion of beat em up gameplay featured in the campaign mode felt similar to Tekken Force mode in Tekken 3.  Some people would agree that the inclusion of a scenario campaign mode was something that was lacking in Tekken 4 & 5 because it did a great job in terms of storytelling for Tekken 6.  The story for Tekken 6 was interesting because it focused on Jin Kazama’s rise to power as the head ot he Mishima Zaibasu along with Kazuya’s rise to power in a rival business known as the G Corporation.   While playing as Lars Alexandersson alongside with Alyssa Bosconovitch in a3D beat em up campaign mode players learn more about his past along with a plot twist near the end of the game.

When players confront Jin Kazama in campaign mode they discover that Alyssa was working as a spy since the beginning which was something that caught many people by surprise.  Defeating Alyssa was one of the hardest parts of the game along with fighting Azazel which would definitely take players several tries to complete.  Along with having a fantastic campaign mode Tekken 6 had a variety of different gameplay options including Arcade, Versus, training and team battle mode which players can get many hours of gameplay out of.  Many would agree that Tekken 6 was definitely one of the best fighting games that Bandai Namco Entertainment has ever made.  Also, some might argue that Tekken 6 was one of the best games within the series next to that of Tekken 3 due to the amount of offline content that it featured.   Along with having various game modes people got to play as many of their favorite characters including Jin Kazama, Nina Williams, Bryan Fury, Heihachi Mishima, Paul Phoenix, Julia Chang, Christie Monteiro and many others.  Tekken 6 was a game was not only impressive in terms of visual presentation and gameplay but it was also a title that had a high replay value because there was so much to do within the game itself. While there have been many great fighting games that were released during the 00’s some might argue that Tekken 6 was among the best next to the Soul Calibur series within that decade.

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