Should there be more three player RPG games?


We all remember how great the Secret of Mana was back in the early 90’s because there were so many things about the game that stood out from many traditional titles during the 16 bit era.  Not only was the Secret of Mana an Action based RPG but it was probably one of the most innovative 2D titles the Square had ever created.  Ever since Square Enix had released the Secret of Mana in 1993 it seems like the company has diverted most of its attention away from making three player action RPG titles.  The lack of multiplayer RPG titles in general was especially true in regards to most of the Final Fantasy series along with Dragon Quest and Breath of Fire.  Many people would agree that even though the gaming world has evolved significantly over the past two decades that most RPG games seem to lack the same type of replay value that older titles had during the 16-bit era.

While the visual design we have in modern gaming is highly advanced some would argue that Square Enix places too much emphasis on that aspect of their games today.  During the 16 bit era of gaming Square Enix was very creative as far as gameplay was concerned and today there are not to many popular RPG titles are released on home based consoles that are considered to be multiplayer.  When Square Enix made games during the 16 bit era the 2D visual format had forced the company to be innovative in terms of gameplay therefore providing a much more unique gaming experience that was unforgettable to many people.  As popular as games like the Secret of Mana was back in the early 90’s makes many people wonder whether or not three player role playing games would be as popular now as it was back then.  Also, whether or not Square Enix should make more multiplayer RPG games in general especially for some of today’s most popular home based consoles such as Xbox One or the PlayStation 4.

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