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Retro Gaming- Dead or Alive 4: (2005)


The Dead or Alive series has been something that have impressed people who were fans of the fighting genre of gaming since the mid 90’s.  Dead or Alive 4 was one of the coolest games in the series due to its visual presentation and online features.  In terms of gameplay and graphics Dead or Alive 4 was fantastic but this game had featured slightly less game modes than its predecessor DOA3.  Unlike, Dead or Alive 3 this game does not feature tag mode, team battle and sparring mode.  However, Dead or Alive 4 does include arcade, versus, training and a survival mode.  The arcade mode in Dead or Alive 4 is probably one of the things that stands out about this game next to having a new online gameplay option.  Each character in Dead or Alive 4 have their own respective story that includes cinematic cutscenes along with special endings which makes the gaming experience remarkable.


The arcade mode consists of eight different stage that were all exciting but tough once players got closer to the end.   One of the cool things that the developers did in Dead or Alive 4 was include characters from previous games such as Ryu Hayabusa, LeiFang, Tina Armstrong, Jann Lee, Christie and more.  The only thing about Dead or Alive 4 was that the counters in this game were tougher to pull off than it was in DOA3.  If you were a casual game mastering the controls could take sometime if you were a fan of the series it would probably be easier to get the hang off.


As good as Dead or Alive 4 was it did not sell as much as the prequel DOA 3 which was released for the PS2 in 2001.  One of the reasons why Dead or Alive 4 did not sell as much as its prequel is probably because of competition.  Dead or Alive 4 had arrived the same year that Namco had released both SoulCalibur III and Tekken 5.  As time progressed the Dead or Alive series had continued to age nicely and the fourth installment of the game had turned out to be very impressive.

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  1. This one is probably my favourite in the series. I really like the way survival mode worked, with characters just leaping into the ring as you beat the previous one. The counters felt spot on in this entry, not too easy but not too hard either.

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