The F-Zero is series is probably one of the most well known racing in the history of Nintendo in general.  Ever since the original F-Zero game made its debut in the early 90’s many people were blown away by the sequel for each game both on the Nintendo 64 along with GameCube.  There have been much anticipation throughout the entire year of 2016 on what to expect for the Nintendo NX next year because not only is this game console promising but many people would like to see the return of old titles that were once popular in the past.  Two games that we know for a fact is going to be released next year for the Nintendo NX includes a new Mario title along with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.  Another F-Zero game for the Nintendo NX would be special  considering the fact there have not been any titles released for this series since the early 00’s.

Over the years many people have wondered what happened to the F-Zero series and why we have not seen any new games made during decade.  One of the potential reasons why we have not seen a new F-Zero game for any of the two Wii consoles is that the developer for the GX title known as Amusement Vision had become defunct in 2004.  Along with Nintendo Entertainment Analysis & Development the company known as Amusement Vision was responsible for one of the two titles that featured three dimensional gameplay  in the F-Zero series.   As of right now the only entity that can possibly develop another F-Zero game is Nintendo Entertainment Planning & Development the same group that made the Nintendo 64 game when it was named Nintendo EAD back in the late 90’s.  The F-Zero series had some of the best racing games during the 90’s and early 00’s and many people would definitely agree that Nintendo should definitely make another sometime soon for the NX shortly after the console is released in 2017.

One thought on “Should there be a new F-Zero game for the Nintendo NX?

  1. Yeah, Nintendo really needs to make another F Zero game. The one for Gamecube is still one of my favorite racing games and it’s really ages well for me. The GBA ones were good as well, but not great. With today’s graphics and technology, I think Nintendo could hit a grand slam if they ever make a new F Zero.

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