Classic Gaming- Super Mario World: (1990)


The Super Mario series had featured revolutionary platform games during both the 80’s and the 90’s.  When it came down to platform gaming of the 90’s things felt like they could not get any better in relation to 2D gaming.  While there are many 16-bit classics for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System one of the 2D platform games that stands out the most included Super Mario World which was originally released in Japan during the late 90’s.   When Super Mario World was first released many people were highly impressed not only by the visual design of this title but also the features added in this game.  Similar to Super Mario Bros 3 this game had included a overworld map of every stage in the game as they progress.  Super Mario World not only had one of the best overworld maps for any game in the series but it also included so many levels that were just as fun as they were challenging.

There were so many cool worlds in Super Mario World including Dount Plains, Underground Vanilla Dome, Forest of Illusion, and Chocolate Island.  The map designs for each world was a thing of beauty but some of  the stages were far more difficult then they looked.  There were some stages in the game that required players to get through the level as fast as they can while being careful before they lost a live such as the “Forest Secret Area.”  There were also stages that were very tricky and almost impossible to beat unless you failed several times such as the “Sunken Ghost Ship” which took you straight to the Valley of Bowser.  Along with having many tough stages Super Mario World had also included some fun places including the Star Road levels which were helpful in teleporting Mario & Luigi back to different parts of the map depending on the amount of progress they have made in the game.

The boss battles in Super Mario World were also exciting as you traveled to various castles to collect Yoshi eggs.   All the bosses for the castles such as Morton, Ludwig, Roy and Wendy were fun but completing the level to fight them generally was not.  One had to be really fast to complete Ludwig’s Castle otherwise they got crushed by the stage itself.  The mechanics for Ludwig’s Castle were also pretty cool because it allowed players to climb fences and knock enemies off while progressing through the level.  Roy Koopa was also tough to battle because you had limited time to defeat him as the walls slowly closed in as you battled him.

Super Mario World is often looked at as one of the best platform games to be released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System along with Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island.  The gameplay & graphics was a huge improvement from the prequel Super Mario Bros 3 released for the NES in 1988.  There many fans & critics along with numerous gaming publication who believed that Super Mario World was one of the most memorable titles in the Mario series.  Even though, Super Mario World was released in the early 90’s it has a replay value could last an entire decade.

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