Retro Gaming- Phantasy Star Nova: (2014)

As many of us know Phantasy Star Nova is one of the latest titles that was published by Sega and developed by Tri-Ace over two years ago for the PlayStation Vita.  Phantasy Star Nova diverted from the Multiplayer Online Role Playing format used in some of its previous games.  The Phantasy Star Online titles placed heavy emphasis on MMORPG where multiple players can interact and battle online.  Fortunately, Phantasy Star Nova also includes multiplayer gameplay but in a slightly different format.  The PlayStation Vita allows people to utilize ad-hoc Wifi to play under the same game.  Another cool thing about Phantasy Star Nova includes fact that there are twelve new characters added including the main protagonist Lutina, Seil, Phildia, Izuna, Sharon and many more.

Similar to the Phantasy Star Online series the game includes different races and class types.  The race types in this game consists of Humans, Newmans, and CAST’s while the classes are made up of Hunter, Ranger, Force and Buster.  Each class in this game is considered to be unique because they have their respective characteristics which allows them to stand out. This game also features an in-depth customization option and fantastic level designs that would players busy for many hours.  Along with those additions Phantasy Star Nova includes a newly added feature that allows players to capture creatures known as gigantes which can be used in battles in future battles.

There is also a vast amount of options in regards to weapons that characters can utilize from melee to mechanical.  Some of the options included for weapon choice involves Double Sabers, Swords, Knuckles, etc. Despite, how fun Phantasy Star Nova  is there was only a Japanese version of this game that was released in Asian markets.  Over time people many people wondered whether or not this game will ever be released in English for countries such as America.  Even though, this game is not as popular as Phantasy Star Online I & II it still has a lot of potential.  Phantasy Star Nova looked like it would have a made decent game for a home based console such as the PlayStation 3 and maybe the PS4.  Seeing that Phantasy Star Nova is one of the most recent  games in the series time can only tell on how long it will be before Sega decides to release another title.

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