Classic Gaming- Skies of Arcadia: (2000)


During the past three decades the world has seen the development of many great RPG titles from Final Fantasy to Phantasy Star series and more.  However, there have also been RPG games that people consider an instant classic but never received the sequel that it deserved. Skies of Arcadia which was considered to be one of the best games produced on Sega Dreamcast is an example of such a game.  Ever since, its inception many people have often wondered why Overworks has not created a sequel to this awesome RPG title.When Skies of Arcadia was released in 2000 it had received a positive reception from critics and gamers alike.  The graphics of this game was reminiscent of other 3D RPG titles such as Chrono Cross and Final Fantasy 7.  Even though, Skies of Arcadia was not as popular as the Chrono or the Fantasy series some would argue that the gameplay was just as exciting.


One of the best features included in Skies of Arcadia is the overworld travel.  Throughout the game players travel on an airship were they can engage in battle with adversaries on other ships.  Along with defeating enemies in the air players can travel throughout different dungeons in the game and defeat various opponents.  This game also have an intriguing plot involving  the main characters Fina and Blue Rouge members Vyse, Alia and their quest to stop the Valuan Empire.  While players travel throughout the game using the overworld feature they also engage in several boss battles in involving the Valuan Empire.  Over the years people have debated on who the toughest boss is but opinions normally vary depending on the player.  Many people would probably argue that the optional boss battle against Vigoro was the toughest; others would argue that the Ixa’ness Demons and Rupee were incredibly difficult.


However, the challenges this game presents make the title more exciting along with making players more eager to complete the entire story.  Another great feature about this game includes the soundtrack that includes over 60 songs. Their are many soundtracks that blend in nicely with the game’s atmosphere especially during the final boss battle with Ramier.  After its initial release Skies of Arcadia received favorable reviews from GameSpot, EGM, and IGN along with being scored in the nine-point bracket out of ten.  As many of us know Skies of Arcadia was eventually re-released for the GameCube in late 2002-early 2003 in the countries of Japan and America.  While Skies of Arcadia is a memorable RPG classic people have often questioned for over the past fifteen years on whether or not there will ever be a second installment to the series.


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