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Classic Gaming- SSX: (2000)

There were many innovative sporting games that have been released since the development of the original Sony PlayStation which featured 3D graphics which grabbed the attention of many people.  When PlayStation 2 was released in year 2000 Sony everyone got to witness the dramatic improvement of gameplay and graphics along with many other features.  Following the debut of the PlayStation 2 there were many excellent titles released for this particular console.  One of the most innovative racing games to be released for the PlayStation 2 included the original SSX which was developed by EA Canada and originally published by Electronic Arts in 2000.  While many look at SSX as another snowboarding game others love the series because of what the game itself had to offer.  SSX provides players with eight characters to choose from along with four different racing modes.

SSX also provides players with the option of choosing the level of CPU difficult in some races which is essential in helping players become better racers in the game.  Another exciting feature about this game includes the race courses themselves which are located in different parts of the world such as:  Japan, Europe, and East Coast USA.  While many would argue that Merqury City Meltdown in East Coast USA is the hardest stage others find Elysium Alps located in Europe to be not only difficult but fun due to the high vertical drop it has.  Throughout, the game players have the opportunity to perform various tricks during each stage especially in showoff mode.

Along with being released for other gaming systems many of us know that SSX had received a well deserved remake in 2012.  Many critics thought the 2012 version of SSX provided great gameplay and spectacular graphics which added more life to the game itself.  The original SSX game had also received praise from critics and various publications for its concept and innovation.  Along, with earning the support of critics and fans alike SSX had received a five star rating from GamePro and USA Today for being one of the best snowboarding games ever made.  After its release in 2000 the series would only continue to improve the following year when SSX Tricky was developed in 2001.








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