Should there be a Metroid movie?

The Metroid series has been around since the 80’s decade and the franchise has seeming become better as gaming in general evolve. There are many people who would go on record and argue that the GameCube era of the 2000’s was best time period to be a fan of the Metroid series. Despite, all the classics that Nintendo has given us such as: Super Metroid, Metroid 1-3 and Metroid Dread we have never got to see an actual movie or anime series for it. Samus Aran is considered to be a legendary figure within the gaming community despite not being quite as popular other female video game characters such as Lara Croft and Sonya Blade. When it comes down to revenue the Metroid series has not made nearly as much money as Super Mario or The Legend of Zelda series. Since its inception back in the mid 80’s the Super Mario has earned at least $30 billion while the Legend of Zelda has earned over $3.4 billion. Even though, Metroid Dread from 2021 was one of the best entries within its series that we have seen in quite sometime the popularity of the franchise has seemingly peaked over a decade ago. As it currently stands the world is waiting for the upcoming release of Metroid Prime 4 for the Switch console which could hopefully revitalize the series in the 2020’s decade. As far as film adaptation of one of the older Metroid games is concerned it seems unlikely unless Nintendo says otherwise. Nintendo has not invested as much into Samus Aran as character to the same extent as Mario and overtime that it has negatively affected her popularity especially within the past decade or so. Since the Super Mario Bros Movie of ’23 has been a box office hit thus far some believe that its success could possibly open doors for the creation of other video game films involving Nintendo’s top video game franchises in the future.

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