Final Fantasy Tactics A2- Does it deserve a remake?

When it comes down to highly underrated RPG titles within the Final Fantasy series from the 2000’s decade the FF Tactics: A2 game from ’07 was probably one that stood out more than anything else. While Final Fantasy Tactics A2 was not really a best seller opposed to the original Tactics title from ’97 this game had better visuals and the job/battle system shined more than anything else. As far as the story is concerned Final Fantasy Tactics A2 was not great. In fact, some would argue that the storyline in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance was better than A2: Grimoire of the Rift. Final Fantasy Tactics A2 came out on Nintendo DS over fifteen years ago and since its release the game was never remastered or remade for any major game console. Final Fantasy Tactics A2 would probably be an attraction on game system like the Nintendo Switch but it seems like Square Enix is more obsessed with remaking certain entries within the FF series especially if they were largely successful on a commercial level. Its doubtful whether or not a remake of Final Fantasy Tactics A2 would turn heads within the gaming world; but it would most likely appeal to a niche audience of games who are hardcore fans of Final Fantasy and the RPG genre.

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