Should Nintendo remaster F-Zero GX?

Its hard to believe that F-Zero GX came out for the GameCube console 20 years ago. F-Zero GX was probably the best non Mario Kart racing title that Nintendo had ever produced and it remains to be best entry within the its own series to this day. While some might prefer the original F-Zero game from ’91 for the SNES there is no question whatsoever that F-Zero GX had more commercial success overall. F-Zero GX managed to reach over 1.5 million copies in sales on GameCube and its absolutely baffling to many why Nintendo never developed another main entry to follow the critically acclaimed racing classic from 2003. The closet thing that we got to another F-Zero title on a Nintendo based console was Shin’en Multimedia’s Fast RMX game which appeared on the Switch console back in 2017. Despite, years of requests and demands from the online gaming community for another F-Zero game its clear that Nintendo has no interest whatsoever in reviving the series. In terms of profit F-Zero was not a huge money maker for Nintendo and when it comes down to the racing genre the Mario Kart series has overshadowed the F-Zero series since the early 90’s.

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