Does Super Mario 64 deserve a 4K Remake?

When it comes down to legendary 3D platform games in general Super Mario 64 is one of the most high profile titles in gaming history. Super Mario 64 is a big deal because it was Mario’s first ever 3D title and it ended up becoming a massive success on the Nintendo 64 console during the mid 90’s. In fact, Super Mario 64 ended up being the number one best selling game for the N64 reaching over 11 million in worldwide sales. Its over 25 years since Super Mario 64 was released back in ’96 and many people believes that it would be a huge attraction on the N64 console if it received the 4K HD treatment. Seeing a 4K Remake of Super Mario 64 on the Nintendo Switch OLED is something that would definitely impress a lot of people but Nintendo rarely focuses on remake old Mario titles as generally look towards the future. If Nintendo ever had plans on making 4K remake to Super Mario 64 it most likely would have happened a long time ago. However, the 30th anniversary of Super Mario 64 will becoming up in 2026 so Nintendo definitely has time to consider possibly doing something special for the game within the next four years or so.

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