Persona 3 Remake coming soon?

Persona 3 from 2006 was arguably one of the greatest RPG titles to have emerged from the 2000’s decade. Persona 3 came out approximately sixteen years ago and to this day it remains to be one of best RPG’s Atlus has produced within the past 20 years along the likes of Persona 4 Golden from ’12 and Persona 5 which came out back in 2016. Since its initial release Persona 3 had been ported to the PSP back in 2009 and ended up being one of biggest names to have appeared on Sony’s portable console back in the late 00’s. While Persona 3 was beloved by critics and various gaming publications back in the late 00’s the game never achieved the level of commercial success as Persona 5 has. For the most part Persona 3 was overshadowed on the PlayStation 2 by a variety of action-adventure, shooter and other RPG games. The western audience of gamers were more obsessed with games within the Grand Theft Auto franchise back in the 00’s also the Call of Duty series was starting to become hot during the late 2000’s. It should also be noted the racing genre was more popular in the 00’s than it seemingly had ever been leading to titles like Persona 3 being overshadowed in western countries. Despite, not being too popular in America back in the 00’s it seems like Atlus might be willing to give Persona 3 another chance in western countries. As it currently stands rumors have been swirling around online that a remake of Persona 3 is currently in development which Atlus has yet to officially confirm. The rumor going around is that the potential upcoming Persona 3 remake will feature modernized graphics similar to what we got with Persona 5. If the rumors regarding a current generation remake of Persona 3 are true its unclear on when Atlus plans on releasing the game and what systems it will be available for.

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