Retro Gaming 90’s- Power Move Pro Wrestling: (1995)

Everyone knows that the 90’s was a glorious time period to be a fan of pro wrestling especially as it related to WCW and WWF. However, when it came down to pro wrestling related video games from the 90’s decade it seems like the games from the late 90’s standout more than any other part of that decade. Before we got to see the release of WCW vs The World for the PS1 in ’96 the world got to witness a 3D title known as Power Move Pro Wrestling back in 1995. Power Move Pro Wrestling was developed by Yuke’s and published by Activision; the Japanese version of Power Movie Pro Wrestling was published by Tomy. The gameplay and graphics for Power Move Pro Wrestling looked impressive by ’95 standards and only featured a total of twelve fictional wrestlers. The names for each wrestler looked and sounded cheesy but the soundtrack for Power Move Pro Wrestling was better than many people would expect. Unlike other wrestling games that succeeded it Power Move Pro Wrestling had announcers introduce fighters before each match. Power Move Pro Wrestling also had actual referees who officiated matches which was something that was not present in N64 games like WCW/nWo Revenge, WWF WrestleMania 2000 or WWF No Mercy. Despite, the inclusion of small features to make PMPW look more professional it lacked so many basic things such as health bars and match variety. Power Move Pro Wrestling had no other match aside from one on one and the roster literally had only a dozen characters. While the presentation and execution of Power Move Pro Wrestling was good the game was far from perfect and even looked like it was unfinished or some type of prototype. Power Move Pro Wrestling Pro might of been generic wrestling title from the 90’s; but the game is one that had the potential to be much better than it was if more content was included.

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