Did Sonic CD deserve its own movie?

Everyone remembers how popular the Sonic series was back in the 90’s during the Sega Genesis/CD era of gaming. The Sonic the Hedgehog series included some of the most popular platform titles in gaming history with Sonic CD being arguably one of the best installments of all-time. Sonic CD had elements of time travel and was more polished than the 16-bit entries that appeared on the Genesis console from ’91-’94. Sonic CD was a game that actually had anime clips that looked like they belonged in an actual movie. While we did get the Sonic Origins game in June 2022 that had cutscenes of Sonic CD along with brand new animated content we never got to see a movie based on Sonic CD during the mid 90’s. While the original Sonic animated movie from ’96 was arguably one of the best kids films from that decade the storyline regarding Sonic CD looked more interesting especially considering that fact that Amy Rose and Metal their debuts in that game. While Sonic CD from ’93 the marked the beginning of Sonamy it would have been interesting to see how that would have played out in a animated movie on the big screen back in the 90’s.

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