Dragon Quest III HD-2D Remake coming soon?

As 2022 comes to a close we have so much to look forward to in relation to the gaming world for next year involving the upcoming releases of high profile video games. While games like Street Fighter 6, Resident Evil 4: Remake and Final Fantasy XVI are among the most anticipated games for 2023; we have recently learned that news regarding a potential HD-2D remake of ’88 NES classic Dragon Quest III might be revealed sometime within the next couple of months. As everyone knows the Dragon Quest series is considered to be one of the most legendary JRPG’s of all-time with Dragon Quest III: Seeds of Salvation being one of the more memorable installments within its series. Also, we have seen HD-2D games like Octopath Traveler from ’18 become highly successful on the Nintendo Switch due to the high quality pixelated art style Square Enix had used for that game. Its also a well known fact that Square Enix had released a HD-2D video game earlier in 2022 called Triangle Strategy a game that was also praised by various critics and gaming publications as well. As of right now the details regard a potential upcoming Dragon Quest III HD-2D Remake are vague and its something that we will hopefully receive more clarity about within the next few weeks or so.

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