Spark the Electric Jester 3- Better than Sonic Frontiers?

There are many people who are talking about the Sonic Frontier games that came out back on November 8th which for the most part is a solid 3D platform title. While Sonic Frontier might bot be quite as popular as Sonic Adventure 2 or Sonic Colors its a game that received a substantial amount of mainstream media attention prior to its official release. Despite, Sonic Frontiers being a high profile 3D platform game that everyone is talking about there are some who believe that the game is not quite as good as Spark the Electric Jester 3 which came out on Steam back in August 2022. For those who do not know the Spark the Electric Jester series began back in 2017 as a 2D platformer. The last two main installments in the Spark the Electric Jester series were in 3D and the most recent entry is one that many critics have praised since its release. Spark the Electric Jester 3 was developed and published by Fepard Games and utilized the Unity game engine and is one of the most beautiful looking platform titles that we have seen all year. In fact, the art and level designs in Spark the Electric Jester 3 is pretty much what a normal 3D Sonic game should look like. While storytelling is a huge part of what makes certain video games memorable the Sonic series has mainly been popular for its gameplay and soundtrack opposed to emphasis on storytelling. Also, it feels like each Sonic game has a different gimmick with the same formula involving Sonic being the main protagonist and Eggman being the villain in some way. The cool thing about Spark the Jester 3 is the fact that it looks like something that Sega would produce which makes it look more appealing to those who are hardcore fans of the platform genre.

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