Should Square Enix remake Final Fantasy XIII for the PS5?

The Final Fantasy series has been around since the 80’s and has easily become one of the most high profile video game franchises of all-time. While Square Enix’s beloved franchise has countless installments that are considered to be iconic one of the few entries that many people are not too fond of is Final Fantasy XIII from 2009. In many ways Final Fantasy XIII is considered to be the black sheep within its series because its a title that many people disliked in comparison to entries that came before it. Final Fantasy XIII was one of the few games within its series that did not feel like a traditional FF title mainly because its lacked certain elements and features that would make it more appealing to casuals and hardcore fans of the series. The exploration aspect of Final Fantasy of XIII was weak along with the fact that players could only control one person in their three person party in relation Auto-Battle command. There were also complains by fans that FFXIII was too linear and not having enough side quests to keep players busy outside of the main story. Also, the main character Lightning did not have nearly as much charisma as other popular FF protagonist like Cloud Strife, Tifa Lockheart or the Gullwings. Despite, all the faults of FFXIII the game was still a massive commercial success and reached at least 11 million copies worldwide in sales across multiple game systems including PS3, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows. Even though, Final Fantasy XIII is considered the black sheep within its series Square Enix could always remake it for the PlayStation 5 if the demand from the online gaming community is strong enough.

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