Mario Kart Wii- Most Overrated entry within its series?

The Mario Kart video game series has been around since ’92 and within the past three decades almost every installment that has been released became massive commercial success on whatever game systems they were on. Everyone knows that the Wii console from 2006 was one of Nintendo’s most successful game consoles of all-time reaching over 101 million units in sales between the mid 00’s-early 10’s. The best selling video game for the Wii console was Mario Kart Wii from ’08 which managed to reach over 36 million copies in sales since its release. While the overall presentation of Mario Kart Wii looked better than its GameCube predecessor Mario Kart: Double Dash many people believe that the game itself is overrated almost fifteen years later. While Mario Kart Wii had a unique gameplay experience with the Wii Remote and Steering Wheel some believe that Nintendo took a step backwards by excluding the tag-team gameplay which was featured in Mario Kart: Double Dash. While the inclusion of online multiplayer gameplay was a step in the right direction Nintendo could have made Mario Kart Wii more innovative overall. When it comes down to iconic Mario Kart titles of the past 30 years most people would instantly think about entries such as Super Mario Kart or MK64 before the Wii title from 2008.

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