Need for Speed: Underground 3- Will it ever happen?

When it comes down to high profile video game franchises there many people who are aware of how popular the Need For Speed series has been for over the past 25 years. The Need for Speed series got started on the 3DO back in ’94 with franchise arguably reaching its peak in popularity during the 00’s decade. The most successful entries of The Need for Speed series came out between ’03-’05 with the releases of NFS: Underground, NFS: Underground 2 and NFS: Most Wanted. The two Need For Speed: Underground games were classics that has managed to sell a combine total of over 26 million copies across multiple game systems including the PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube and Microsoft Windows. Despite, how popular Need For Speed: Underground 2 was following its release in ’04 Electronic Arts never made a NFS: Underground 3 which many feel should have happen at least a decade ago. While EA had various hits and misses in relation to the NFS series during the 10’s decade some would argue that the decline in popularity in relation to the franchise began to take place following the release of the Pro Street game from 2007. While each NFS game is an improvement from its predecessor in terms of quality the hype for the last several games have been lacking in comparison to the entries from the 2000’s. If Electronic Arts wants grab the attention of hardcore fans of the Need For Speed series they should make a NFS: Underground 3 especially since its something that they have been waiting to see form over fifteen years now. On Youtube there are some fan made trailers of what a potential Need For Speed: Underground 3 could look like and Electronic Arts should consider some of their ideas if they plan on making it a reality in the future.

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