Luigi- Most iconic Deuteragonist in gaming history?

The Super Mario Bros series is one of the most legendary video game franchises of all-time and is one that is known worldwide by both casuals and hardcore gamers. It was reported earlier in ’22 that the Super Mario Bros series has managed to reach over 396 million copies worldwide in sales and has earned at least $22 billion within the past 35 years. While Mario has always been the star of his own video game series Luigi has basically been as his brother’s sidekick dating back to the NES era of the 80’s. There are many people who instantly know Luigi just by looking at him due to the international appeal and popularity of the Super Mario Bros series across eight different generations of Nintendo consoles. In fact, Luigi was one of the original video game deuteragonists of the 80’s considering the fact that most popular video games from that era placed more emphasis on single-player gameplay. During the 90’s Luigi was arguably more popular than Tails from the Sonic the Hedgehog series despite how popular it was during that decade. By the time we got to ’01 Nintendo finally gave Luigi the Mansion game which had more success on GameCube than many people expected. The success of the first Luigi’s Mansion game lead to the development of two sequels between ’13-’19 with each installment being better than the last. To this day Tails Prower has yet to have his own major game on a PlayStation or Xbox console even though he did have some minor overlooked titles on Game Gear in the mid 90’s. There are hardly any major video game deuteragonists from the past three decades that has become as popular as Luigi to a point where they got their own video game series. But then again Nintendo was always about creating marketable characters that the company could build an entire series around since the 80’s.

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