Pac Man World: Re Pac set for August 2022 release!!!

In relation to upcoming releases there were quite a few big announcements made at Nintendo most recent Direct Mini presentation including Super Bomberman R2, Mega Man: Battle Network Legacy Network and the Persona series coming to the Switch console in the near future. Another game that caught people attention at Nintendo’s Direct Mini Presentation was the Pac Man World: Re Pac which is set to be available for multiple game system in August 2022. As everyone know this upcoming game is basically a remake of the original Pac Man World game which initially appeared on the PS1 back in 1999. The plot for the game is pretty basic and sees Pac Man trying to rescue family members after being kidnapped by ghosts during his birthday party. Its a bit surprising that Bandi Namco has waited this long to make a high definition 3D Remake of Pac Man World but now is better than never in the eyes of many people. Pac Man World: Re Pac has been confirmed to appear on various game systems such as: PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch; which means the game is likely to gain more exposure now than it did over 20 years ago when casual gamers lost interest in the series. While the original Pac Man World game is being remade and re-released many people are wondering whether or not Bandi Namco plans on doing the same thing with Pac Man World 2 sometime in the near future. The official release date for Pac-Man World: Re Pac is August 26th which is something that many people are excited about.

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