Retro Gaming 10’s- Wipeout 2048: (2012)

When it comes down to overlooked racing games from the early 10’s one of the few titles that instantly comes to mind is the Wipeout 2048 from 2012. Wipeout 2048 was developed by Studio Liverpool and published by Sony Computer Entertainment and was a futuristic racing title that was designed to be a sequel to the original Wipeout title from 1995. Wipeout 2048 was released as a PlayStation Vita exclusive which most likely the main reason why it was overlooked considering the fact the handheld game system was considered to be a commercial failure. The PlayStation Vita only managed to reach roughly around 16 million units worldwide which was not even fraction of what the PSP sold which was around 80 million. Unlike, most titles within the racing genre Wipeout 2048 placed emphasis on anti-gravity which was pretty cool. Wipeout 2048 looked similar to F-Zero GX from ’03 mainly because the game featured futuristic race track designs along with fast paced racing. However, many would argue that Wipeout 2048 was not nearly as difficult as F-Zero GX where players had to compete against 29 other competitors with the expectation of finishing in first place all the time. Wipeout 2048 had vehicles that resembled Formula 1 cars with multiple game modes including time trials, speed runs, one on one races, tournaments along with Zone modes. Players were also had access to weapons in order to destroy other racing vehicles during competition which made Wipeout 2048 feel somewhat like Mario Kart. As cool as Wipeout 2048 looked it was not necessarily a commercial success and was a game that could have possibly of stood out more on the PlayStation 3 opposed to the PSP.

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