Retro Gaming 10’s- ZombiU: (2012)

As many people know the survival-horror genre of gaming has been very popular throughout a majority of the 10’s decade with memorable titles such as: Dead Space 2, Dying Light, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard and many others. One of the few survival-horror games from the early 10’s that many people would look back as highly underrated is Zombiu which was published by Ubisoft back in November 2012. ZombiU was a pretty interesting game where the plot of the story was basically told through interaction with handful of NPC’s throughout the game as it relates to a zombie epidemic that plagues London. The opening scene in Zombiu is both chilling and deep especially since a quote from the scriptures Revelations 9:6 was used to describe the state of London following a plague known as the Second Blight. ZombiU had three main characters who were all unnamed with the main antagonists all being zombies otherwise known as blighters. The most interesting thing about ZombiU was the fact that it started off a Wii-U exclusive in ’12 before it was released on consoles such as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. If ZombiU appeared on the PS3 and Xbox 360 back in late ’12 the game could have possibly have been more popularity and had more exposure to the general audience of casual gamers. The reason why ZombiU was most likely overlooked during the first half of the 10’s decade was because it was released on the Wii-U which was considered a commercial failure.

However, the fact that ZombiU had appeared on the Wii-U console is what made it appealing since you rarely hear about survival-horror video games appearing on Nintendo consoles in this day and age. ZombiU was by no means a best seller on the Wii-U and having an “M” survival-horror title on that console probably harmed the game more in retrospect. Children were more accustomed to “E” rated titles than teenagers and adults especially on any Nintendo based game system. However, almost everything about ZombiU was impressive from the gameplay, narration and ominous atmosphere all the way down to its overall visual presentation. ZombiU gave players at least 12 hours of gameplay with three different endings which added to the overall replay value of the game. There were probably a handful of people who felt that the gameplay in ZombiU was a bit awkward at times; especially as it related to the Wii-U gamepad which is normally the case for a variety games on Nintendo’s eighth generation console. Despite, how decent ZombiU was the game never evolved into a series or even received a sequel for that matter possibly due to poor sales.

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