Bayonetta 3- Will it be finally be released in 2022?

There are so many video games that people are looking forward to seeing in the near future as it relates to this year and hopefully Bayonetta 3 is one of them. As many people know the Bayonetta series has been around since ’09 during the Nintendo Wii era. The very first Bayonetta game has managed to reach over one million copies in sales but the second installment that came out for the Wii-U back in ’14 was considered a commercial failure and performed poorly in relation to sales. Bayonetta 2 from ’14 did not even sell 50K copies worldwide and its mainly because the Wii-U console was also a commercial failure as well. Despite, Bayonetta 2 performing very poorly the game was still critically acclaimed and was praised by numerous gaming publications following its release. The positive reviews that Bayonetta 2 received was good enough for Platinum Games and Nintendo to develop a sequel for the game entitled Bayonetta 3 which was first revealed back the Game Awards in 2017. Its been over four years since the reveal trailer for Bayonetta 3 came out and we still do not have an official release date for the game. As of right now Bayonetta 3 is expected to be released sometime ’22 for the Nintendo Switch and we have also recently seen extended gameplay footage for this title back in February. Based on what we have seen you would think that Bayonetta 3 would be set for a release later in the year. But its possible that Nintendo might delay the release of Bayonetta 3 to next year considering the fact that we are almost midway through the year and nothing has been confirmed yet.

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