Fable IV- Will it appear at E3 2023?

The Fable series has been around since 2004 and since then the series has left a memorable impact within the gaming world. The action role-playing series was arguably at its peak between the late 00’s-early 10’s with the last major installment within the series being released back in 2010. Ever since, 2010 we have received spin-off games with the series including Fable Heroes, Fable: The Journey along with Fable: Fortune which have been overlooked for the most part. While the spin-off games from the Fable series may have kept some people preoccupied during the 10s decade; there were many who were looking forward to the release of Fable IV until Lionheads Studios became defunct. However, despite Lionhead Studios no longer being around it was confirmed back in 2020 that we will indeed be getting a Fable IV sometime in the future. This upcoming game is not entitled “Fable IV” but in the eyes of many people thats what its currently viewed as. Playground Games and Xbox Game Studios are going to be responsible for producing this upcoming Fable game. There were hardly any details presented in the reveal trailer for Fable IV and many are wondering whether or not the game will appear at E3 2023 next year. At this point there are no new screenshots or gameplay footage in relation to Fable IV; but it most likely will look and feel different considering the fact that Lionhead Studios will not be involved in the development of this upcoming game. Even though, Fable IV has not been confirmed for E3 2023 many people are keeping their fingers crossed for it to happen.

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