Superman- One of greatest video game super-villains of the 2010’s?

There is no question that the Injustice series was probably the best thing that DC had going within the past decade as it relates to video games since they are both considered to be critically acclaimed fighting titles from the 10s decade. The two Injustice games from ’13 & ’17 had everything one could ask for including great storytelling, exciting fast-paced gameplay and movie quality cutscenes. One of the most interesting aspects about the Injustice series is the fact that Superman is basically one of the central antagonists of both games. In the first Injustice game Superman creates his own One World Regime which was designed to govern the world rather than protect it; leading Superman to eventually become a dictator. The One World Regime was co-founded by Superman & Wonder Woman and included the likes of Hawk Girl, Black Adam, Green Lantern, Doomsday and several others popular names from the DC series. Even though, Superman was defeated by another version of himself from an alternate universe in the first Injustice game he returned in the second game to form a temporary alliance with Batman’s Insurgency to take down the main villain of Injustice 2 Brainiac. However, Superman became so obsessed with destroying Brainiac opposed to simply bring him to justice to a point where the Justice League reunion was short lived. Superman’s ending within Injustice 2 lead to him killing Brainiac and merging with his ship and brainwashing Batman while offering Supergirl the option to join the new regime. The reason why Superman is so dangerous as a super-villain is because Kent does not see himself as one despite his tyrannical actions.

Throughout, most of the 20th century Superman has been presented as a legendary fictional superhero who was arguably one of the most iconic figures in DC comics alongside to Batman. Even though, both superheroes have been around since the late 30’s it seems like Batman has gained more popularity than Superman has; especially following the release of Superman III during ’83 which was arguably the start of Clark Kent’s declining popularity. In fact, back in the 90’s when Marvel dominated the video game scene Batman was basically the only character that kept DC relevant due to his popularity. Making Superman the main antagonist in the original Injustice game made sense because the timing was impeccable and it was something that people had waited see in a DC video game for years. When comes down to the fighting genre of gaming there are countless names that could be considered in relation to being the greatest video game antagonist of the 10s decade as it relates to the fighting genre. But Superman would definitely be considered a top-tier video game super-villain in the eyes of many people mainly because he has been an iconic figure within pop culture for several decades.

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