Does Dead by Daylight deserve a sequel?

When it comes down to popular survival horror video games from the past six years or so one fo the few video games that stands out in the eyes of many people is Dead By Daylight which was developed and published by Behavior Interactive back in 2016. As far as popularity is concerned Dead By Daylight was one of the most popular survival horror titles of the mid 10’s despite not quite being o the same level of Dying Light from 2015. Even though, its only been about six years Dead By Daylight is not really that old and has managed to be a commercial success across multiple gaming platforms including the PS4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and the Nintendo Switch. It has been reported that Dead By Daylight has manage to reach over five million copies in relation to worldwide sales and has reportedly surpassed over 50 million players worldwide since its inception. Considering the new milestone that Dead By Deadlight was reached there are many people who are wondering whether or not the game will ever receive a sequel in the future. There are a variety of things about Dead By Daylight that people enjoy including the asymmetrical multiplayer gameplay, graphics and its overall realism. Even though, Dead By Daylight is highly deserving of a sequel it looks like something that might not happen anytime soon unless Behavior Interactive says otherwise.

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