Sephiroth- The greatest video game villain of the 90’s?

When we think about legendary video games as it relates to the RPG genre one of the few titles that instantly comes to mind is Square Enix’s legendary Final Fantasy VII title from 1997. Final Fantasy VII is considered to be a classic that appeared on Sony’s original PlayStation console and ended up becoming a massive commercial success years after its release. Despite, the fact that the original PS1 graphics for Final Fantasy VII did not age well the game was good enough to receive a current generation HD Remake for the PS5, PS4 and Microsoft Windows back in 2020. Final Fantasy VII had almost everything one could ask for including a compelling storyline, exciting RPG gameplay along with iconic characters like Cloud Strife, Tifa Lockheart and Sephiroth. If anything there are large portion of gamers who believe that Sephiroth was a more popular character than the main character Cloud Strife even though he was the main villain. One of the reasons why Sephiroth is considered to be so popular is because he was the first Final Fantasy villain ever to appear on a Sony created game system which was legendary by itself. Another thing that made Sephiroth an interesting character was his backstory because he was once considered to be good when he was a SOILDER during his time with the Shinra Electric Power Company (SEPC). Sephiroth’s decent into madness came from learning details about his origins after Shinra had sealed away his files and labelled them as classified. Finally, Sephiroth’s main goal was to become a god and to rule the Earth out distain and vengeance for humanity. Not only was Sephiroth extremely dangerous because of his mental state but he was also an elite solider who was spawned by Jenova which was considered a malevolent alien life form. Despite, being considered an iconic figure within the Final Fantasy series many people would agree that he was not the most difficult boss in FFVII. In fact, majority of people would probably go on record and argue that Hell House, Emerald Weapon or Ruby Weapon were more challenging foes than Sephiroth. But there is no question that Sephiroth’s role as the main villain of FFVII help elevate both Cloud Strife and Tifa Lockhart as major heroic figures within the gaming world. Final Fantasy VII had reached over ten million copies in sales on the PS1 following its initial release in 1997. The Final Fantasy: Remake had managed to release at least five million copies in sales following its respective release on the PS5, PS4 and Microsoft Windows. If Sephiroth is not considered to be the greatest video game villain in everyone’s book he would likely be in many people’s top ten.

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