Did Tekken 2 have the best soundtrack within its series?

When it comes down to 3D arcade masterpieces as it relates to the fighting genre there are many people who remember the Tekken 2 game which came out back in 1995. Despite, the fact that Tekken 2 was not quite as popular as its ’97 successor Tekken 3 it was still arguably one of the best fighting games to have emerged from the 90’s decade. Tekken 2 looked much better than the original installment within the series which came out back in ’94 and it was also considered to be a huge commercial success. After Tekken 2 came out on the PS1 in ’96 it managed to reach over 5.7 million copies in worldwide sales. Despite, not having the same level of commercial success as Tekken 3 did on the PS1 Tekken 2 arguably had a more memorable soundtrack. The theme songs for each character in Tekken 2 were very memorable as they captured the feel of their respective personalities. In the first Tekken game there were no character themes and the third installment had a OST that felt more intense than the second game from ’95-’96. The character themes in Tekken 2 felt unique because they all sounded different and included multiple music genres that respectively captured the vibe of the 90’s. Whether it was techno, pop or progressive house music the BGM in the second installment of the Tekken game stood out more so than that game than its successors over the past twenty plus years. Aside from being a great 3D classic fighting game the soundtrack for Tekken 2 is timeless and added more life to a title that rivals some of the earlier Virtua Fighter titles from the 90’s. The soundtrack for Tekken 2 deserves far more credit than it gets especially since video game developers do not put as much effort into the BGM’s nowadays in comparison to what we got back in the 90’s.

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