Did Wario deserve his own SNES game?

As many people know Wario is one of the most popular anti-hero characters to have emerged from 90’s as it relates to the Super Mario series. Wario made his first ever video game appearance in Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins which was released exclusively for Game Boy back in 1992. Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins ended up becoming a massive commercial success because it ended up reaching over 10 million copies in worldwide sales. Wario was considered to be a decent villain by many people despite not being quite as popular as the recurring main antagonist Bowser. In fact, some believe that Super Mario Land 2 deserved a direct sequel for the SNES considering how successful it was on Game Boy from ’92. While Nintendo did release a Super Mario Land 3 game back in ’94 it was not a true sequel and saw Wario as the main character while excluding Mario altogether. Also, Super Mario Land 3 was also a Game Boy exclusive and did not appear on the SNES console back in the mid 90’s. Seeing how successful Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins was Wario deserved his own game on a home console such as the SNES or the N64. In fact, Wario did not get is own home console game until around ’03 when Wario World was released for GameCube. If Wario had his own game for the SNES or the N64 he could have ended up becoming more popular as a character overall. Even though, Wario is considered to be a popular anti-hero character he is not nearly as big as Mario currently is. While most of Wario’s games are fun to play in general they do not sell as much as Mario’s least successful titles.

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