Kirby’s 30th Anniversary

Its hard to believe that Kirby has been around for 30 years now. At this point Kirby is considered to be a legendary within the gaming world and most people are going to celebrate the series 30th anniversary on April 27th. It has been recently revealed that Kirby will be receiving a music fest on August 11th of this year at the Tokyo Garden Center which will be streaming live worldwide later this year. The Kirby series has been around since ‘92 when the very first fan appeared on the NES back in ‘92. Since ‘92 there has been over thirty games within the series which had reached roughly under forty million units worldwide total as it relates to sales. Kirby is probably the best thing that Nintendo has going behind Super Mario and the Legend of Zelda series. The Kirby series seemingly does not get the type of praise that it deserves; especially considering the fact that it managed to remain relevant 30 years later. Kirby and the Forgotten Land is expected to be released for the Switch later this month. As far as gaming mascots are concerned Kirby is probably second behind Mario, Link and Donkey Kong. Kirby’s popularity has managed to reach a level that many people could not fathom three decades ago. There is no question that Kirby’s 30th anniversary will attract the attention of many long time game gamers along with casuals around the world this upcoming month.

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