Is the Nintendo’s Sports series still a huge attraction?

The announcement the Nintendo Switch Sports game a few days ago was another pleasant surprise in relation to upcoming video games of 2022. The Nintendo Switch Sports game is the direct sequel to the Wii Sports Club title from 2014 for the Wii-U console. Based on what we know the Nintendo Switch Sports game will be available on April 29th this year. Similar to previous installments within the series players will have access to various sporting events. There will be returning sports events including: bowling, fencing and tennis with the inclusion of new activities such as : badminton, soccer and volleyball. The Jon Con controllers can be utilized in a similar manner as the Wii Sports game from ‘06 which is pretty cool. However, there is a lot of uncertainty on whether or not Nintendo Switch Sports will achieve the same level of success as the Wii Sports title from 2006. The Wii Sports game from ‘06 reached over 82 million copies in sales while Wii Sports Resort title from ‘09 hit over 33 million. The Wii Sports Club game from ‘14 was not nearly as successful on a commercial level. Also its obvious that the Wii Sports series has heavily declined in popularity over the past decade; especially considering the fact that the Wii-U was a commercial failure from 2012 onwards. Since the Nintendo Switch has been highly successful since its ‘17 release; there is a possibly that this installment will be one of the most commercially successful titles within the series since 2009.

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