Mario Strikers: Battle League- 15 years in the making

The announcement of Mario Strikers: Battle League was one of the more surprising things that came out of Nintendo’s most recent direct presentation. As many know the Mario Strikers series has been around for roughly around seventeen years when it first began on GameCube back in 2005. The latest installment within the Mario Strikers series was the ‘07 game for the Nintendo Wii. Mario Strikers: Battle Charged is a sports game that allows local multiplayer gameplay and online club modes that can feature up to 20 players. Mario Strikers: Battle Charged is a soccer game that features 5 on 5 gameplay; where players have access to various power-ups while being able to tackle their opponents in order to accumulate points through scoring goals. The playable characters in this game includes Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Toad, Bowser, Donkey Kong, Waluigi, Wario and others. Players can utilize customizable sports gear to improve the attributes of certain characters in relation to power, speed and other categories. Mario Strikers: Battle League is expected to appear on the Nintendo Switch in Summer 2022 on June 10th. There is almost no question that Mario Strikers: Battle Charged will end up reaching somewhere between 1 to 2 million copies in relation to worldwide sales.

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