Retro Gaming 00s- Guitar Hero: Smash Hits (2009)

The late 00’s-early 10’s was such wonderful time to be a fan of gaming especially as it relates to the music-rhythm genre. Both the Guitar Hero and Rock Band series had been competing heavily against one another; leaving many people divided on which franchise produced better games. The year 2009 was fun lighthearted year for the most part; it was also the same year that Activision had released Guitar Hero: Smash Hits for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Wii. Guitar Hero: Smash Hits was released in Sumner 2009 months after the GH: Metallica game was released months earlier that year in March. Guitar Hero: Smash Hits presented players with multiplayer gameplay and included a Quickplay and Career Mode. The storyline for the Career Mode for Guitar Hero: Smash Hits was interesting and revolved around an ancient artifact. The main antagonist for the Career Mode in Guitar Hero: Smash Hits was a character known as Lou the Devil. The storyline sees Lou disguise himself as the God Of Rock to challenge players to perform at multiple music venues; in order to give the ancient artifact power for his own self gain. Players eventually learn that the God Of Rock was captured and eventually have to defeat Lou the Devil in order to complete the game.

Guitar Hero: Smash Hits had variety of memorable songs from various different artists such as: Avenge Sevenfold, Nirvana, Rage Against The Machine, Kiss, Alice In Chains, Living Color, etc. Guitar Hero: Smash Hits had roughly under 50 different tracks and included a music studio creation mode. In addition to players being able to create their own custom music Guitar Heroes: Smash Hits had a multiplayer “Battle Of The Bands” mode which could feature up to eight players. As solid as Guitar Hero: Smash Hits was back in ‘09 the game was obviously overshadowed by the Metallica and the Guitar Hero V titles which also came out that same year. It should also be known that the Beatles themed Rock Band game came out in ‘09 and was arguably the best music rhythm title of that year. While Guitar Hero: Smash Hits was a pretty fun music game its still considered to be one of the weaker entries of the series. The gameplay, graphics and overall presentation of Guitar Hero: Smash Hits along with the multiplayer gameplay were all strong positives. As a music rhythm game Guitar Hero: Smash Hits could be considered average at best; in comparison to some of the best installment within Activision’s legendary music rhythm video game series.

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