Retro Gaming 90s- Batman: (1990)

When it comes to classics from the 16-bit era of gaming one of the better superhero based action platform games to have emerged from the early 90s; the Batman title from 1990 was one of the more memorable games to have appeared on the Sega Genesis. The Batman game from ‘90 was based off the movie that came out back in ‘89; which ended up earning over $411 million in box office sales following its release. Normally, video game superhero movies are fall below the desired expectations of many people. However, the Batman video game from 1990 would be considered an exception because it still looks great over 30 years later. The Batman video game from 1990 has everything from outstanding graphics all the way down to an addictive soundtrack. In fact, the Batman game from 1990 was probably one of the better DC video games to have emerged from the 90s decade. The Batman game from ‘90 included six different levels which were located in Gotham and even had a driving level. The 1990 Batman video game for the Sega Genesis was miles ahead of the NES title from ‘89 which was also developed by Sunsoft. There are handful of people who would agree this game was better than the Return Of The Joker title from ‘91.

The original Batman title for the Sega Genesis was arguably the best DC console game of the 16-bit era. As far best DC video game is concerned in relation to overall quality the Batman: Arcade Game was probably the best. As the 90s decade progressed Batman games seemingly began to decline in popularity due to the popularity of Capcom made Marvel games. Also, the overall quality of Batman games had started to decline to some extent which makes people appreciate the Batman game for Sega Genesis even more. While this Batman game is far from being the best superhero video game ever made; it definitely stood out on the Sega Genesis during the early 90s.

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