Retro Gaming 00s- Crazy Taxi 3: High Rollers: (2002)

The original Crazy Taxi game from ‘99 was one of Sega’s most iconic arcade titles to a point where it somewhat rivaled their Outrun from ‘86. Despite, the Crazy Taxi series going off a cliff after ‘99-‘00 Sega still continued making sequels with slight modifications that would keep players slightly interested in the series. Following the release of Crazy Taxi 2 in ‘01 for Dreamcast; Sega came out with Crazy Taxi 3: High Rollers which appeared on Xbox in 2002. Despite, not being as popular as the first entry within its series Crazy Taxi 3: High Rollers was a pretty fun title for those who were fans of the arcade racing genre of gaming. Similar to its predecessors Crazy Taxi 3: High Rollers was a single-player score attack racing title where players had to earn as much money as they could through fares. Players were able to accumulate extra money through stunts while completing trips while being able to participate in mini- games involving multiple levels within Crazy X. Despite, the gameplay not being as robust as people initially expected Crazy Taxi 3: High Rollers was quite decent for its time. If Crazy Taxi 3: High Rollers was released anytime between ‘97-‘99 it probably would have been a bigger attraction than it was in 2002. Despite, its some of its improvements in terms of gameplay in comparison to its predecessors; a multiplayer game mode could have really helped Crazy Taxi 3: High Rollers be more of an attraction than it was on Xbox. Even though, Crazy Taxi 3: High Rollers May have been overlooked back in the early 00’s it was still a pretty fun arcade racing game for both casuals and hardcore fans of the series.

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