Did lack of third party games hurt the Neo Geo?

The Neo Geo product is highly underrated because there were some great video game series that got started on SNK’s arcade based console including King Of Fighters along with the Metal Slug series. The gameplay on the original Neo Geo game system was miles ahead of its competition as it related to overall gameplay quality. The original Neo Geo game system was far ahead of its time during the early 90’s and made the SNES along with the Sega Genesis look inferior in comparison. However, unlike both the SNES and Sega Genesis the Neo Geo was highly lacking in high profile third-party games; it was also twice more than both 16-bit game systems. If the original Neo Geo had more high profile third part video games it may not of made a huge difference from a sales standpoint. The standard price for the Neo Geo following its initial release was $649.00 plus tax and that was a lot of money back in the 90’s. While RPG’s were not quite as popular in the 90’s as they have been within the past decade; Square Enix’s top-tier RPG’s from the 16-bit era were still huge attractions on the SNES especially as it related to the Final Fantasy series. Besides SNK clearly did not want to rely mainly on third party entities for profits on their game systems; which is something that Sega was mainly guilty of during the 90’s.

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