Did the Resident Evil series keep Capcom alive during the 00’s?

The Resident Evil series has been around since the mid 90’s and its widely regarded as on of the greatest survival-horror franchises of all-time. When it came down to the 00’s decade the Resident Evil series was arguably the best thing Capcom had going especially considering the fact that the Street Fighter, Mega Man along with the DarkStalkers series had pretty much declined in popularity by the early 00’s. The Resident Evil 4 game from ‘05 was arguably one of the best survival-horror games from 00’s decade. In fact, as of September 2021 Resident Evil 4 has reached over 11 million copies in sales across multiple gaming platforms; which speaks volumes about how popular that particular game was. Resident Evil 5 from ‘09 has managed to reach over 12 million copies in sales since its initial release. Throughout, a majority of the 00’s the Resident Evil series has made Capcom millions profit-wise and has even brought in more revenue than the Street Fighter 4 series did from the ‘08 onwards. The landscape of gaming had changed dramatically during the 00’s in comparison to what it was during the 90’s. In terms of popularity the Resident Evil series during the 00’s felt like the equivalent of what the Monster Hunter series had been within the 10’s decade. One can also argue that the Devil May Cry series which originated on ‘01 also helped play a significant role in keeping Capcom relevant during the 00’s as well.

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