Did X-Men 2: Clone Wars deserve a sequel for Sega Saturn?

Its hard to believe that X-Men 2: Clone Wars was released for the Sega Genesis over 25 years ago. There are many people who probably do not remember X-Men 2: Clone War since it was most likely overshadowed by top-tier video games on the SNES and the PS1 during this time period. X-Men 2: Clone Wars was somewhat similar to the Mutant Apocalypse game for the SNES from ‘94; except that it included two-player gameplay. Clone Wars was the sequel to the X-Men game for the Sega Genesis which came out in ‘93 and mainly received mixed reviews following its release. At one point a sequel for X-Men 2: Clone Wars was set to be released in ‘97 entitled X-Women but it never happened. The X-Women game that was scrapped was supposed to include only female members of the X-Men and would most likely have appeared on Sega Saturn. Either way, the X-Men franchise was hot during the 90’s especially as it related the animated series and some type of sequel for Clone Wars should have been released for Sega Saturn or Dreamcast. When it came down to video games in general Marvel mainly had better games than DC during the 90’s decade. Even if Sega were to publish another X-Men game for the Sega Saturn it most likely would have been overshadowed by the likes of X-Men vs Street Fighter, Marvel Super Heroes and Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter; which were all considered arcade classics during the mid to late 90’s.

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