Can Evertale become as popular as Pokémon?

As many people know Evertale is a RPG title that was developed and released back in 2019. Evertale is a title that has appeared exclusively on PC and Android devices which has a similar gameplay concept as the legendary Pokémon series. Initially, people were lead to believe that Evertale was going to be a horror game based on how it was advertised prior to its official release. However, Evertale is a game that still looks very cool as it relates to its overall presentation. There were critics who were so impressed by Evertale to a point where they believed that the game could be the next Pokémon. While the gameplay for Evertale is arguably better than a majority of the older installments within the Pokémon series; Evertale will never be as big as the Pokémon series in terms of popularity. Evertale is still new to the gaming world and while ZigZaGame’s new RPG creation is very impressive; GameFreak has been making Pokémon RPG titles since the mid 90’s. The Pokémon franchise has made over $105 billion in revenue since its inception back ‘96; its very unlikely that we will ever see another franchise as big or as profitable as Pokémon in relation to anime, movies or gaming in this generation.

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