Should Sony have released a Driveclub 2?

When it comes down to underrated racing games from the 2010’s that was definitely worthy of receiving a sequel but did not; one of the first video games from the previous generation that instantly comes to mind is Driveclub from 2014. When it came down to popularity Driveclub ended up becoming one of the best selling video games for the PlayStation 4 shortly following its release. Driveclub was praised for its 1080p visuals and its offline gameplay, customization options along with its realism in relation to the day/night weather cycle. Driveclub was unique because it looked like an arcade racing game and highly detailed graphics; that could rival the likes of Gran Turismo Sport from 2017. While Gran Turismo Sport had higher resolution visuals at 1440p there were some aspects of Driveclub that placed more emphasis on detail. In terms of aesthetics & variety in relation to actual racing courses Driveclub was arguably more exciting than Gran Turismo Sport. Driveclub was so popular that it managed to reach at least 3 million in worldwide sales following its release. Driveclub also stood out because it was released in ‘14 a year where Sony hardly produced any high profile video games. As many people know Driveclub is a racing title that everyone wants to see a sequel for. Unfortunately, the possibility for seeing a Driveclub 2 is slim to none especially considering the fact that Evolution Studios became defunct back in 2016. Even if Sony found another developer for a potential Driveclub 2 game it would not be the same as the original title from 2014. Driveclub from ‘14 will always go down as a racing masterpiece from the 2010’s that deserved a sequel but never received one.

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