Is the Gran Turismo series Sony’s most successful franchise ever?

There is no question whatsoever that Sony had a massive impact on the gaming industry since the mid 90’s. There are countless contributions to the gaming world and to technology in general that Sony has made in over the past 25 years. One of the biggest contributions that Sony Interactive Entertainment has made to the gaming world was the creation of the Gran Turismo series which started back in 1997. Since the late 90’s there have been at least thirteen games within the series; all which managed to reach a combined total of roughly over 85 million copies in sales worldwide. It was reported back in ‘17 that the GT franchise has managed to earn at least $4 billion; making it the most profitable racing series possibly of all-time. If you look at every major PlayStation console from the 90’s and 00’s decade each console within their respective generation had a GT game that had massive commercial success. Gran Turismo Sport from ‘17 did not sell nearly as much as its predecessor despite having mainly good reviews from various gaming publications. In fact, Gran Turismo Sport was overshadowed by Microsoft’s Forza Horizon 4 from 2018. While the Forza series has become way more popular than it was during the mid 00’s; Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Gran Turismo series has always been seen as the number one racing franchise in the eyes of many gamers for years now.

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