Should Pokémon Sun & Moon have been saved for the Nintendo Switch?

There many people who are aware of the popularity of Pokémon Sun & Moon which was released on the Nintendo 3DS back in November 2016. Pokémon Sun & Moon had received mainly positive reviews by critics following its release for a variety of reasons; including its animation & storyline. The absence of gym battles was also an unexpected surprise that many fans of the series saw as refreshing. Pokémon Sun & Moon ended up becoming one of the fastest selling games on the Nintendo 3DS and it eventually reached roughly over 16 million copies sold worldwide. In fact, Pokémon Sun & Moon ended up becoming the third best-selling game for the Nintendo 3DS and is seen as a massive commercial success. However, there are some people who would argue that Pokémon Sun & Moon from ‘16 should have been saved for the Nintendo Switch which came out months later during March 2017. Despite, being a massive success on the Nintendo 3DS the Nintendo 3DS already had Pokémon X & Y from ‘13 which also sold roughly over 16 million. Pokémon Sun & Moon could have possibly have been a bigger attraction on the Nintendo Switch; but its very likely that the development of Sun & Moon started before the concept of Switch console was even conceived. However, Nintendo and The Pokémon Company could have definitely brought Ultra Sun & Moon to the Switch console during later part of 2017.

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