The PlayStation 5 reaches over 13 million in sales in year one

Back in November 2020 Sony had released for the PlayStation 5 as the successor to the highly successful PS4 console was came out back in 2013. Within the past year the reception in relation to the PlayStation 5 has been mainly positive despite initial issues with the console’s control along with its outrageous pricing as of late. The PlayStation 5 could range anywhere from $500 to $900 depending on where and when the console is purchased. Also, Electronic retail stores have been constantly running out of PlayStation 5 game systems almost on a monthly bases. In terms of sales the PlayStation 5 is highly successful and managed to reach over 13 million units sold within a year. Sony’s expectations for the PlayStation 5 are very high and at this rate the PS5 could possibly surpass the PS4 in terms of overall sales.

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