The 15th Anniversary of the PlayStation 3

Its hard to believe that the PlayStation 3 was released fifteen years ago back in ‘06 on this very day. The PS3 console was one that many people have fond memories about as it relates to seventh generation gaming. The PS3 was the game system where players got to enjoy classic titles such as Grand Theft Auto V, Gran Turismo 5, Batman: Arkham City, God Of War III and many others. The games just mentioned were among the best selling titles for the PS3 and ended up generating tons of revenue for Sony during is overall lifecycle. Along with the fact that the PS3 was not backwards compatible like its 2000 predecessor; the PlayStation 3 stood out in the 00’s mainly because it allowed people to watch Blu ray movies as well. Before it was ultimately discontinued between ‘15-‘16 the PS3 managed to reach roughly around 87 million units in sales overall. Shockingly, the PS3 was Sony’s least successful home console since it did not sell as much as the PS1, PS2 or even the PS4. But then again, Sony had some tough competition during the late 00’s-early 10’s going against Nintendo’s Wii console. Despite, being Sony’s least successful home console the PS3 still managed to rival Microsoft’s Xbox 360 which reached roughly around 84 million in sales.

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