LEGO Luigi’s Mansion confirmed for release in 2022!!!

Its hard to believe that the Luigi’s Mansion series has been around for 20 years. Ever since its release in ‘01 Luigi’s Mansion has been considered to be one of Nintendo’s most iconic titles from the 2000’s. It has recently been revealed that the legendary action-adventure title will finally be receiving its own LEGO board game in early 2022. There are many people who believe that LEGO Luigi’s Mansion is great news especially considering how Luigi is often overshadowed by his brother Mario; in relation to anything Nintendo promotes. It has been revealed that the LEGO Nintendo lineup will have three new expansion sets that will be released starting on January 1st of 2022. The expansion sets for LEGO Luigi’s Mansion includes Lab and Poltergust, Entryway Expansion along with Haunt-and Seek-Expansion which are priced between $29.99-$79.99. The announcement for the LEGO Luigi’s Mansion expansion set came at the perfect time it mirrored Halloween; along with the fact that LEGOs is very popular with children. It will be interesting to see how much revenue Luigi’s Mansion expansion set will bring in for Nintendo throughout 2022. Also, there are many Nintendo fans who wonder whether or not there will ever be a Luigi’s Mansion 4.

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